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Unbelievable-Shocking Service bad bad company

1.0 star rating

100% Move out clean satisfaction guarantee
Charged me extra for a Saturday although agreed to earlier during engagement. Didn't include walls and skirting boards in original quote and the charged me extra $100 for including them in a MOVE OUT CLEAN(we all know should have been part of it)
Quoted me $700 including windows and carpet along with evrything else for MOVE OUT.
Cleaners left without cleaning floors, stove, floors, walls, skirting boards, oven and windows as well as kitchen cupboards and when we said we were NOT satisfied, they walked off the job with knowing we had to hand the house over to the real-estate on the Monday morning. When ringing the office was told couldnt get anyone for Saturday-too bad basically now have sent invoice to collection agency for what??????

- Ange Patras


1.0 star rating

Bad Bad cleaners
Very expensive
Very poor quality
Dishonest and disrespectful

- Warning- do not hire these cleaners

Do not hire these cleaners

1.0 star rating

Terrible cleaners my partner was home while they cleaned I had to leave $75 at the house for a 2hr clean - as my partner was working at our house he observed the cleaner spend no longer than 20mins at our house when I paid for 2hrs.
I don't think they even vacuumed and the shower was not cleaned. All they did was wipe over the benches.
I tried calling Michelle the Director who was not interested in my call.

Do not hire.

- Jane


1.0 star rating

I am blown away by how similar my experience was to other users. We employed All Buzz to clean our rental property prior to vacating, only to be sent over 25 photos from our agent showing spots that had not been cleaned. The entire shower had been ignored. The outside of kitchen cupboards had not been wiped down. Laundry basins had been left filthy. Broken glass had been left in the dishwasher.

For a company that advertises "Full Service House Cleaning Done Right The First Time", this was extremely disappointing. In addition, we were requested to pay fully a week before the service took place.

When I called the company to discuss the issue, I was told to never call back, and was promptly hung up on.

As they say, you get what you pay for. Stay away from these clowns!!

- Reasonable Customer, Leederville

WARNING - don't use this cleaning service

1.0 star rating

Pathetic and expensive cleaning service. Did not clean for the time they were paid for, left cleaning residue everywhere, did not vacuum properly, did not clean food scraps off bench tops and sink, did not clean mirrors. The list goes on. A compete waste of money and the agency refused to respond to my phone calls and an email requesting a refund.

- LP User - 6011

Mrs Redknap

1.0 star rating

I employed All Buzz to do a vacate clean and was highly disappointed. I had to pay the cleaner in good faith as had another appointment when they were due to finish. I asked the cleaner for her contact number in case there were any issues. When I checked the house the next day I found windows unwashed, walls with cleaning solution that had dried white and some floors not clean. I phoned the lady and she promised to return to rectify it. She didn't return and when I managed to get hold of her she told me she had had car problems and wouldn't be able to come. I then proceeded to contact All Buzz who refused to take any responsibility for the job and told me it was my fault for paying her without checking it. Please don't use this company unless you like to waste money.

- Mrs Redknap

Do not use this cleaning service!!

1.0 star rating

1.What products or services did you purchase from this business?
They were ment to come clean my house for a vacate but change the time twice and then called to change it again after they were already late, then they organised a new time and were 45 mins late for that too!!
2.How would you describe your personal experience?
Terrible! made moving that much harder
3.Does this business offer good value for money? Why?
no, I had terrible judgement thinking they would do a good job.
4.What tips would you give to potential customers?

- Kendra

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